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Brandon, born on Detroit's West Side, has stayed true to these virtues by earning a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Howard University, a Masters of Science in Global Affairs from Rutgers University. Brandon has worked for the United Nations, the Heritage Foundation, and served on Capitol Hill, working in the Office of former United States Speaker of the House, J. Dennis Hastert. Brandon began his career as an Associate with the National Urban League's Economic Opportunity Institute, fighting for the rights of low income families and literacy. In less than two years, Brandon served as a Business Analyst for World Wrestling Entertainment and later was selected to served as Director of Education and African American Affairs for New Jersey Governor Chris J. Christie. Brice later would serve as Director of Strategic Partnerships for Veterans Empowerment Organization, working with military families and returned combat veterans. Brice is an OP-ED Columnist and writer for such publications as the Mackinac Center for Policy, Detroit News, Washington Times, Communities Digital News, and MSNBC's the Grio. Brandon is the Host of the Brandon Brice Show on WDTK The Patriot Salem Radio. The Michigan Chronicle named Brandon Brice the 2018 Man of Excellence for his work with youth in Detroit.   Brandon has been feature on MSNBC, FOX News, C-SPAN,, ABC News, Al-Jazeera and BET. Brandon has given lectures at the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C., Baruch College, Princeton University, Harbor League of Baltimore, National Black Law Students Association and  Hamilton Society in Baltimore, Maryland. Brandon is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and the 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit.

Independent Detroit


Detroit is a great city and a great place to raise a family, but that will change without a city-wide vision. If Detroit continues to become too expensive to live in, every resident will suffer. We must work to have sustainable rental prices throughout the city, provide innovative low-cost housing solutions for younger generations, and ensure that new real estate development is accessible to all income levels. 


Bus tickets in Detroit and parking costs in midtown and downtown are skyrocketing. Concerns about traffic and parking are growing across the City of Detroit. We must improve access to mass transit, and reform the city’s parking plans. Downtown and Midtown Detroit's entertainment, restaurants, and jobs should be accessible to everyone.


Together, as Detroiter's we must work to fill our empty retail spaces, cutting through the red tape to streamline a business permitting system, create job training opportunities and apprenticeships for the jobs of the future.    


Everyone in Detroit  should feel safe walking our streets, no matter the area. Job training is key to our safety, as is a well-trained and supported police force as an integrated part of our community. We must work to address the needs of every Detroiter feels safe and not have to think twice about letting our children walk through our streets. We must continue to work towards true community policing rather than militarizing ourselves, training against implicit bias, and providing social assistance where it can yield better results 


In Detroit, it’s not just schools that are failing—it’s the entire school district. Huge numbers—if not the majority—of students throughout the City of Detroit are not reading at grade level and lack basic math skills.  This is a problem greater than any one school. In response, returning back to trade schools and alternative schools for learning. Increasing the need for trade schools—and it comes at a time when schools and students are desperate for alternative solutions.


I know many of us Detroiters,  are proud of our parks and oour riverfront. We must protect and preserve these treasures of Detroit and open them up for everyone’s enjoyment. We must make sure that our parks are safe to play in, enjoy wonderful walking and bike paths, an bring a fun attraction to the cities riverfront.  Detroit  can lead the state in innovative environmental policy that focuses on green transportation, renewable energy, and keep our trees that provide cleaner air, shade, and make this city so enjoyable to live in.


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